Adaptive Geometry™

Products designed to respect the anatomy.

  • Integrity Implants' products focus on adapting the device to the anatomy, not the other way around.

  • Our products are designed to respect the patient's unique anatomy.

  • We are committed to providing the training and resources needed to surgeons.


Introducing an implant that respects the anatomy.

  • Bidirectional Expansion: Stent-like technology delivers an increase in width, height, and lordosis, which is intended to reduce subsidence and restore disc space height.

  • Minimal Insertion Profile: Designed to minimize neural retraction during implant insertion.

  • Maximum Graft Delivery: The open architecture allows for continuous graft delivery in through the implant and out into the disc space. Graft volume is only restricted by the quantity of disc removed.

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FlareHawk9 Features

Introducing: Pathology Solutions™ Video Series

Real surgeons with real case study solutions using FlareHawk and Adaptive Geometry

LineSider® Spinal System

  • Open: Robust implants and instrumentation to address complex pathology

  • Cortical: Modular tulip heads with slim profile and low height to facilitate a mid-line approach

  • MIS: Elegant design optimized for a seamless percutaneous approach


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